W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Problems (2016-2023)  – Reliability Report

W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Problems: The W213 E-Class is the successor to what is probably one of the most reliable and in our opinion best looking E-Class. We waited a while to write about the W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Problems because there simply aren’t enough problems to write about in the first few years that the W213 has been on the roads of the world. And to our surprise, there still aren’t many problems to write about today, it is just that good. However, just like any other modern and highly complicated car out there, it has its problems and we are here to list them and give our opinion on the matter. Stay tuned!

Major faults

NOx sensor malfunction

To meet the strict environmental standards the W213 features two NOx sensors that are a part of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. Their job is to measure nitric oxide particles before the SCR catalyst and after the SCR catalyst in order to adjust the operations of the SCR system. We talked about the same problem with vehicles equipped with the OM651 diesel engine.

A failed sensor will always need replacement and the usual cause for failure is extreme exhaust heat. Replacing NOx sensors on the W213 E-Class is not cheap (700-1000$) but at the same time, it is not that common.

M274 E300 potential piston damage on early models

One of the more unnoticed W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Problems is pertaining to the M274 petrol engine which is found in both the W213 E-Class and the W205 C-Class. 

Mercedes has yet to confirm this issue, but it certainly is not that rare. Early piston damage, which one owner was quoted 9000$ to repair, seems to be a consequence of issues with the wrist pin or gudgeon pin as it is also called. A wrist pin is an element that connects the piston heat to the cylinder head. If the wrist pin is loose, it can lead to catastrophic engine damage. In certain cases, Mercedes did replace these pins under warranty as it did show up as a common problem on the early M274 models. If you are buying early models of the W213, keep this in mind!

w213 sedan problems“

OM654 diesel rocker arms and roller rocker arms wear

The OM654 engine is hands down an amazing engine, there is hardly anything wrong with it. There are however problems with excessive wear of roller and roller rocker arms. This leads to rough idling, and weird noises coming from the air intake system. If you notice these problems make sure that the rocker’s arms are immediately checked and replaced. If the problem is ignored, you might need to replace the camshafts and their casings as well (the faulty, broken rocker arms cause damage to the camshaft). Read more about this problem here. This is not a common problem, so it should not stop you from buying a car with this fantastic engine.

Minor faults

Brake judder and screeching

One of the common W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Problems is annoying little problems with the brakes. A large number of owners report problems with brake vibration, juddering and screeching. This leads a number of owners to investigate the annoying issue, replace a number of brake components, and spend a lot of time and money to resolve the issue.

Body and interior problems

Problems with the Comand system

A number of owners report the sluggish operation of the Comand infotainment issues. Reprogramming and updating the Comand unit solves the issue. 

Interior rattles

This is one of the most common and certainly most annoying problems of the W213 E-Class. If you take a peek at the owners’ forums of the 2016 E-Class problems, almost every third thread is dedicated to annoying interior rattles coming from the door panels, under the dashboard and other locations. While this is not expensive to fix, it is reason enough for a number of visits to the dealership and back.

Thin body paint on the W213

The body paint on the W213 E-Class is often referred to as being too thin and sensitive, many used W213 E-Class cars are riddled with tiny spots from small rocks and scratches.

w213 interior problems

Electronic problems

Door mirror LED downlight failure

Many owners report failing LED light bulbs that illuminate the floor under the side door mirrors. Replacement is easy and affordable.

General problems with the W213 electronic technology 

The interior of the 2016 W213 E-Class is nothing short of amazing and futuristic. But the entire technology inside the car is nowhere near as futuristic as the interior might suggest. One of the biggest complaints about this generation of E-Class is that the technology inside is just not up to the job. There are lots of complaints about the “Mercedes Me” app, according to owners the remote start of the vehicle seems to be working just 50% of the time, and there are constant problems with mobile connectivity and the integrated navigation system. The entire infotainment is also called sluggish and buggy.

Air suspension compressor relay failure

Some owners and a Mercedes technician we talked to also mentioned that the relay for the Air suspension or Airmatic system is prone to failure. The relay can get stuck in the “off” position, meaning that the compressor will not engage which causes your car to drop to the ground. If the relay gets stuck in the “on” position, it can overwork and burn out the air compressor. Changing the relay is cheap and fast, but replacing the air compressor is more complex and expensive.

Frequently asked questions

When Did the E-Class W213 Receive Facelift?

The W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class received a facelift in 2020 for the 2021 model year.

Is Mercedes E-Class W213 Reliable?

Yes, the W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is regarded as a highly reliable luxury car with very few major problems being reported since its introduction in 2016.

What Is The Most Common W213 E-Class Problem?

The most common W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class problem is the countless interior rattles and infotainment problems. There are no major engine problems with these cars.

When Will E-Class Change?

There is a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class coming in 2023.

Conclusion and recommendation

This is one of the rare cars where we can easily say that there are no engines and variants that you should be “afraid” of, not even the AMGs. The W213 E-Class is an amazing car with a stunning interior, dynamic driving characteristics, and good looks. It has also proven to be incredibly reliable, especially with the updated OM654 diesel engine. It is a real pity that Mercedes gave up just a little when it comes to the interior. The amount of complaints about the interior rattles is a serious indicator that those are not lone cases. Mercedes did almost everything right when it came to the W213 E-Class, if only they paid the same attention to certain details and we would be able to call the W213  almost over-engineered as the W124 once was. We recommend you also checkout out review of the older generation W212 E-Class and W211 E-Class.

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