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Hearing a Weird Rattle Under Your Hood?

Lifeonfour is your trusted source for all things related to engine problems across a wide range of car brands.

Looking for Something?

We cover a lot of cars, engines, transmissions & more.

Something Grinding Your Gears?

Transmission problems are the worst. We make your life easier by helping you understand what’s going on.

Buying a New Car?

Knowing what car problems lay ahead is essential, especially if you’re buying used.
Our buyers guides are here to help.

About Us

Lifeonfour is more than just another automotive media outlet. We strive to provide the internet with information that will ease your purchase of a used car. The truth is, no other online media is really interested in writing about the real car problems people are experiencing.

The majority of automotive media outlets are focused on new cars because that’s where the money is. However, not many of us are standing in line to buy the latest and greatest. That is exactly why we, at Lifeonfour, focus on writing detailed buyer guides, engine problem analysis articles and transmission problem pieces for older car models that are most popular on the used car market.

The author behind Lifeonfour is Jure Hodnik, an automotive researcher and writer.