About Us

Life On Four is more than just another automotive media outlet. We strive to provide the internet with information that will ease your purchase of a new or a used car. The truth is, no other online media is really interested in writing about the real problems people are experiencing with their cars. The majority of automotive media outlets are focused on new cars because that’s where the money is. However, not many of us are standing in line to buy the latest and greatest. That is exactly why we, at Life On Four, focus on writing detailed buyer guides for older car models that are most popular on the used market.

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When I was buying my “old” W211 E-Class, there was very little to no information on the internet about the engine problems I could be facing, the air suspension problems I could be facing, and so on. It was only after a couple of hours of scouring the owners’ forums that I could compile a list of potential problems I could face with this used car. This sparked an idea. I decided to create and start writing these buyer guides, letting people find information like this easily and quickly. And that is the mission behind Life On Four. As time went on, our focus also shifted from buyer guides to common transmission, engine, and suspension problems. Having the ability to self-diagnose car problems is an important skill for every car owner and we want to make sure that trustworthy information on car problems is readily available and conveyed in a manner that everyone understands.

Who Am I?

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My name is Daniel Hall, but I am more known as Daniel Word on the internet. Why word? Because I love writing and researching, especially about cars. I write a lot about cars and by doing so, I’m hoping you can trust me.

My credentials:

I finished a 4-year program to be an Automechanic at the Technical Education Centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
I have 6 years of work experience as a floor manager of a transmission specialist repair shop in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

I base my writing on personal knowledge and the knowledge of car technicians who I contact as I am writing about a certain topic and car brands. Whenever I do use internet sources, I asses their credibility and I will let you know with a citation where the information is coming from.

My curious nature, however, does not allow me to spend my days in the workshop. I always loved writing and I always loved cars. Pretty soon I began to combine the two and I became a freelance automotive writer for many US and EU car dealerships and repair shops. After spending 3 years writing what others wanted me to write, I started this website; Lifeonfour.co

Enjoy my work and shoot me an email if you would like to comment on it!