Mercedes-Benz GLK (2008-2015) – Buyers guide & Common problems

Mercedes-Benz GLK, the rugged-looking German SUV. Right off the bat, we can tell you this is a really reliable car. The 2008 GLK got its spotlight in the “Sex in the City” movie and quickly became popular amongst the masses. With its rugged sharp lines, the car is very different from the rest of the SUV crowd. Below are the few faults this car does have.

Major faults

  • There were problems with fuel injectors in cars made between 2009 and 2011. Delphi brand fuel injectors were not compatible with the ECU. The most problems occurred on the 220CDI and 250CDI diesel models. Mercedes admitted the mistake and replaced all the faulty fuel injectors and the ECU, for FREE. Some cars with this problem came to a complete stop, while some had a constant “check engine” warning light turned on.
  • Some owners report trouble with the 7G Tronic automatic transmission. There was an oil leak which eventually caused the transmission to break down due to low oil content.
  • Petrol-fueled GLK 350 had a problem with early timing chain wear. If left untreated a snapped chain caused major engine damage. Look for any weird noises coming from under the hood. A good mechanic will recognize this problem immediately.
  • Cars made between 2009 and the beginning of 2010 had problems with unsealed power steering system. This caused the power steering to shut down completely.

Other and minor faults

  • Automatic transmission demands an oil change every three years or every 30,000 miles (50,000 km). This is an unusually short life span of the oil compared to other brands/models. And it is not the cheapest to change. If this cycle is not followed, major damage occurs.
  • All diesel engines had a fuel leak problem at the fuel filter. The problem was resolved for free at any Mercedes dealership.
  • Many owners report of quick brake wear.

Body and interior problems

  • Owners report rust spots on the OEM wheels. Rust spots are caused by cheap wheel bolts. Mercedes ignored the problem.
  • Some owners report unpleasant noises made by interior parts. This was an issue in pre-facelift models.
glk mercedes side

Electronic problems

  • Some owners report problems with the automatic boot opening feature. This was not a common problem.
  • Some owners report bad BlueTooth connectivity which was also a rare problem.
  • Few owners reported quick draining of the battery if the car is left unused for some time.

Official recalls

  • No official recalls were made for the Mercedes-Benz GLK. Good job Mercedes – Benz!

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a mid-size SUV with rugged looks and decent off-road capabilities, look no further. The Mercedes-Benz GLK offers great comfort, safety features, and reliable engines. Prices were a bit high when it first came out but have since dropped nicely. This makes it a serious candidate for every used car buyer in search of a good SUV. We would like to see a bigger engine palette for the GLK, especially petrol engines. Other than that, this car is a no brainer. Check out the guide for buying any used car and other Mercedes buyers guides.

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