Alfa Romeo Giulia Problems (2015-Today) – Reliability & Common Issues

Alfa Romeo Giulia Problems: In 2015, Alfa Romeo did what was long-awaited and probably even needed. They released a beautiful 4-door sedan with reliable engines and most importantly, rear-wheel drive. With the release of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, they entered the most competitive market there is the market in which the main players are the Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3 series and Audi A4. Alfa Romeo was always picked on for their reliability. In Europe, Alfas’ are often called “the queens of the side of the road”. However, Alfa Romeo is still holding true to its passionate side with beautiful design, gorgeous interior and great handling. And as far as reliability goes, let’s just say this, times have changed and Alfa Romeo is really giving BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi a run for their money.

Major faults

There are still no major issues reported with the Alfa Romeo Giulia, but there have been very rare reports of complete engine failures, especially with the Quadrifoglio. But we would have to know the background of the issue as many of these sports cars get abused and poorly serviced. Generally, there are no major faults with the Giulia!

Alfa Romeo Giulia electric problems

It is good that the Giulia has no major problems, but where trouble does come into play is when we start listing Alfa Romeo Giulia’s electric problems. There are quite a few, so let’s begin:

  • The most common electric problem on the Giulia is the early failure of the battery. Problems first start with assistance module failures, such as the start&stop system and eventually you will begin to see warning lights on the dashboard light up. This issue was resolved by a software update which reprogrammed the way power is used in the Giulia and especially the Quadriofoglio Giulia where this has electric problem has been even more persistent and common.
  • Early models of the Alfa Romeo Giulia also had issues with engine electronics which resulted in all sorts of problems ranging from the check engine light to a complete limp mode activation. Avoid the early 2016 models and you should be alright.
  • Owners report that the infotainment screen and the center dashboard screen by the speedometer get dark and unresponsive. The issue is usually resolved by a software update.
  • Owners of forums and Reddit also report problems with the E-brake. The E-brake can malfunction by either locking up or failing in some other way. A stuck E-brake can be released in the Brake Service Mode on the infotainment screen.
  • Issues with faulty parking sensors are not common but they are mentioned on Consumer Reports.
  • And lastly, a few owners have reported that they get some dashboard warning lights to glow up without an actual malfunction. This can be linked to a bad battery or bad connectors. The problem was called “Christmas error lights” and was caused by bad batteries or voltage irregularities.
  • Owners report “service electronic throttle control” warning messages on the dashboard that are also resolved by a software update at the dealership. Before the issue is solved, some owners do confirm that their car goes into limp mode.
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Minor faults

  • Giulias with the T57 2.0l petrol engines suffered problems like jerky starts, check engine light ignitions, and so on. The problem was resolved by a recall at Alfa Romeo dealerships but some forum users still advise avoiding these engines.
  • Rough idling seems to be a hard to resolve issue based on what we have seen in certain forum threads like this one.
  • Alfa Rome Giulia QV owners report common turbo coolant seal replacements.

Body and interior problems

  • Consumer Reports are filled with people complaining about uneven spacing between body panels. If you are buying a used car, make sure to check the car for any previous accidents which might result in poor body panel fitments.
  • The center infotainment screen is prone to scratches and crack. Alfa Romeo is aware of this and sells a replacement glass plate.

Frequently asked questions

Is Alfa Romeo Giulia reliable?

We would definitely say yes, and a big yes. Even though Consumer Reports tend to beg to differ, the Giulia is a reliable car if it had those minor electric problems taken care of.

Where is the Alfa Romeo Giulia battery located?

The 12V battery of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is located on the right side of the trunk. It is placed behind an easily removable plastic cover.

Is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio AWD?

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is only available with rear-wheel drive. You can get an all-wheel-drive system with other Alfa Romeo Giulia trim levels.

Where is Alfa Romeo Giulia from?

Alfa Romeo is an Italian automotive company based in Torino, Italy. It was established in 1910 in Milan, Italy.

Which Alfa Romeo Giulia to buy?

It all depends on your needs, all engines are generally free of major issues. The Quadrifoglio trim level is orientated towards those who are seeking insane amounts of power and are not concerned with maintenance costs and miles per gallon. The smaller 2.0 L petrol engine is still loads of fun but it makes much more sense financially. The 2.2 L diesel engine is also a perfect choice for commuting and the best engine when seeking the biggest cost/performance ratio.

What is the fastest Alfa Romeo Giulia?

The fastest Alfa Romeo Giulia is the Quadrifoglio version with the 2.9 L twin-turbo V6 engine which produces 503 horsepowers and reaches 0-60 miles/h in just 3.8 seconds. The engine was built for Alfa Romeo by Ferrari Technicians.

What transmission is in the Alfa Romeo Giulia?

The Giulia either comes with a 6-speed manual transmission which is made by Getrag for the non-Quadrifoglio version. The Quadrifoglio with a 6-speed manual transmission has a ZF, more specifically the ZF S6-53.

All automatic Giulias have the ZF 8HP50 automatic transmission or the ZF 8HP75 if it is a Quadrifoglio. 

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Conclusion and recommendation

The biggest obstacle that Alfa Romeo had to overcome with the introduction of the Giulia is to break the stereotype that is plaguing their brand. Sure, there were some Alfa’s that were not the most reliable cars in the past but we believe those years are behind Alfa. The Giulia is a true competitor to Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW in this market. Many owners and journalists will claim that Alfa Romeo Giulia brings much more to the table than German brands who release their products with a preconceived notion that their cars will simply outsell all of the competition. 

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