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Tesla Cybertruck – Elon Musk has created another “everyone is talking about it” product once again. But this time it is different, an all-electric battery-powered truck that enters a very saturated market dominated by giants like Ford, Chevrolet, etc. It is a big market especially in the USA, but it has been dominated by the likes of the Ford F150 and other household names for years. Coming into a market like that with an all-electric pickup truck is a bold move. But Elon Musk and Tesla are no strangers to bold moves.

Definitely, you have many questions in your mind. Well, quench your curiosity and feed your interest as this article will provide you with everything you should know about this enigmatic creation of Elon Musk and Tesla, which is the Tesla Cybertruck.

Release Date of the Cybertruck

The Tesla Truck has been unveiled on November 21, 2019, and the final launch date of the said vehicle is yet to be revealed by the company. But there have been over 200.000 pre-orders of the Cybertruck and this goes to show that there are masses of people interested in this new pick up truck.

Performance of the Cybertruck

Probably this is the aspect of the Cybertruck that will be questioned by the people. How is the quality or the performance of this electric pickup truck as a vehicle?

Well, not to surprise you lovely bunch of people reading this but the Cybertruck amusingly performed beyond expectations (if the figures are true). Its performance specification may even outperform some super-sport vehicles nowadays. This goes to show that quality and ingenuity were poured into making the Tesla Cybertruck. To give you a more compound explanation, here are the Tesla Cybertruck’s performance detailed description.

There are three Cybertruck versions and each version will be given the detailed description.

Single Motor RWD

Single Charge Drive Capacity: 250 and more.
Acceleration Time (0-60 mph): 6.5 Seconds
Tow Rating Pounds: 7,500
Payload Pounds: 3,500

Dual Motor RWD

Single Charge Drive Capacity: 300 and more.
Acceleration Time (0-60 mph): 4.5 Seconds
Tow Rating Pounds: 10,000
Payload Pounds: 3,500

Tri Motor RWD

Single Charge Drive: 500 and more.
Acceleration Time (0-60 mph): 2.9 Seconds
Tow Rating Pounds: 14,000
Payload Pounds: 3,500

Regardless of the version of the Tesla Cybertruck, it’s still putting up some insane power and torque numbers.

Price of the Tesla Cybertruck

The most sought for question after the Cybertruck release is the price. Well, the price of the Tesla Cybertruck may come at different prices depending on the version. As you know there are three versions of the Cybertruck and they are the Single, Double and Tri motor RWD.

The price for the base version of the Single motor RWD starts at $39,900 having 250+ miles range and 7,500 pounds of tow rating. The double motor RWD starts at $49,000 having 300+ miles range and 10,000 pounds tow rating. Finally, the tri-motor RWD starts at $69,900 having 500+ miles range and 14,000 pounds tow rating.

If you are an interested buyer of the Tesla Cybertruck, then those are the price ranges you are looking for.


The company, Tesla has entitled the customers to a $100 deposit on the truck that is fully refundable. This means that you have a Cybertruck reserved for you. You are essentially giving Tesla an interest-free loan to secure further development and production of the Cybertruck.

Body Material

The body material of the Tesla truck is pure stainless steel alloy. Elon Musk called it the “ultra hard 30X cold rolled steel”. This goes to show that the Tesla truck is made for endurance or durability. Musk even claimed that the body is bulletproof due to its overall body material. The body material of the Cybertruck is the same that they use at Elon Musks SpaceX company. The stainless steel alloy panels are hard to bend and transform which explains the design of the Cybertruck.

Design of the Cybertruck

The most controversial and sought for the aspect of the Cybertruck is its exterior design. There are people who favor the said design while there are which are not. As everything has its own reason, here’s the crazy idea of why the Tesla Cybertruck has adapted this enigmatic yet interesting design.

Elon Musk may have gotten the idea of this design from another vehicle which is the Honda Ridgeline. The Ridgeline employs a unibody design which has got Elon inspired to do to the Tesla Cybertruck. The unibody design compliments the Cybertruck as a whole due to the fact that it doesn’t need a bulky frame under its body.

Also, the unibody gives way to the quality towing of the vehicle. The Cybertruck has this sail pillar within its body for higher capacity and easy towing. Plus, the towing will not stress or damage the Cybertruck due to the crafty design. Different from the idea of other modern-day cars which has more difficulty towing due to the design. Also, it may absorb stress from the towing which can lead to damages.

So, the Cybertruck has been designed like this due to scientific reasons. Exterior looks are not all that matters when it comes to car, different factors should also be considered.

Features and quirks

  • It can seat 6 people. The front row has 3 seats and the middle one can fold down to create a huge armrest/table.
  • The “ultra-hard 30X cold rolled steel” is dent, damage, and rust-resistant. They demonstrated this by whacking it with a sledgehammer during the unveiling.
  • The all-around “ultra-hard glass” is also resistant to damage. To a certain degree.
  • The rear cargo area is lockable and has 100 cubic feet of enclosed storage.
  • The panel covering the cargo area rolls down and is strong enough to carry a man. They will also offer an optional solar panel integrated into the roll-down cargo cover. This was not demonstrated yet.
  • It also features onboard power for plugging in your tools or camping gear, great!
  • The truck has adaptive air suspension capable of lowering it for 4 inches. This makes it easier for loading stuff in. It also has an auto-leveling feature.
  • The Cybertruck also features an onboard air compressor.

The Tesla Cybertruck “ultra-hard armor glass” fail

The Cybertruck features armored glass all-around which can survive tough blows. So they say. During the presentation “Franz” threw a steel ball at the side window of the truck and the glass cracked immediately. Twice. Elon Musk laughed it off and said that “at least it didnt go through”.

Elon has since released a video of the same experiment but without the glass breaking on impact. He also added that they have some work to do before production, indeed you do Elon.

Tesla CyberQUAD

Elon also had a surprise up its sleeve. The Cybertruck was not the only thing announced that day. Elon said: “..uh, we also made an ATV”. And the Cyberquad rolled on to the stage. The ATV rolled into the Cybertruck by extending the rear tailgate. Once the driver drove it onto the truck, he plugged it in and the ATV was charging on the Cybertruck. The adjustable suspension also played a role in lowering the truck and making it possible for the quad to roll on the truck. The YouTube channel called HyperChange got a closer look at the quad. Check their video below.


There are some rumors that the Cyberquad is actually based on the Yamaha Raptor 700 ATV, but they swapped the Yamaha motor for the electric one. Although Yamaha has stated that they have nothing to do with the Cyberquad. Elon Musk said that the Cyberquad will be optional with the Cybertruck and that it won’t be sold separately. No other specs have been released so far.

The software of the Cybertruck

As a creation in the advanced world, the Cybertruck has been advanced with its own software. The Tesla Cybertruck uses a Full Self Driving software which can the customer’s avail to reconfigure and upgrade the truck if they want it too. This feature can really bring you an into-the-future experience as the Cybertruck may drive on its own, self-park and many more. The self-driving option will cost you 7000$ on each version of the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ford F150 Tug of War

To show off the strength of the Cybertruck, Tesla showed a short clip of the Cybertruck battling it out with a Ford F150 in a tug of war. The Ford F150 is the best selling pick-up truck in the United States. A lot of people, including us at LifeOnFour think the presentation was not fair due to the face that they used a 2WD V6 F150 against the 4WD Cybertruck. There were also comments about the road being angeled. For more information check the video below by the amazing Engineering Explained.

Can it Go Off-road?

This into-the-future car has dazzled the world due to its different features. But there is one question from car enthusiasts that is quite interesting, can it go off-road? Surely the curiosity revolving around this question is big and many are searching for the answer. Fortunately, this article may have some insights regarding the off-road capability of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla says it does perform off-road without any issues, they even claim superiority due to intelligent traction and power control.

Its body or frame may also be one reason for it to go off-road well. With a design looking like a military vehicle, made from heavy-duty steel body panels and wide body, the Tesla Cybertruck may surprise you with its off-road capabilities. Another thing about the exterior design of the Tesla Truck is the wraparound rock rail to protect the door and rear quarter panels. The torque is not only usable in the ludicrous mode, but torque is also very important when doing serious off-roading so it is expected to perform well.

These feats are truly impressive to make it possible to go off-road. But you never know, the designers of the Tesla Truck may kick some more enhancements to give it more reasons to spend time off-road. Overall we would say the off-road capability is not that important. According to research only 25% pick-up truck owners ever tow something or go off-road.

Cybertruck “camping mode”

Tesla confirmed they will also offer a “camping mode” for the Cybertruck. What is that you ask? Check the picture below.

By the looks of it, it will feature a dual bottom in the cargo area that will include a slide-out kitchen and a pop-up tent for the cargo area and place to sleep two. This seems like a reasonable idea as trucks are popular among the camping and Overlanding communities.

Matt Farah and Joe Rogan on the Cybertruck

Joe Rogan was recently talking about the Cybertruck on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode #1394 with Matt Farah. Matt Farah is the host of the highly popular show The Smoking Tire. Joe Rogan already owns a Tesla Model S and absolutely loves it. He points that out every time he talks about his car collection. Joe got his 100$ reservation in.

Matt Farah, on the other hand, is not that impressed. He says the Cybertruck was basically a concept car and that he doubts it will actually look like that once it hits production. Matt pointed out that the Cybertruck had no side-view mirrors, that the shape of the car will never pass the pedestrian safety tests and other regulation tests. He was also criticizing the way Tesla allows you to “pre-order” the car without actually giving you information on the delivery. He thinks Tesla easily crafts a concept car based on some other chassis and grabs the preorder money.

Chris Harris on the Cybertruck

Chris Harris, the Top Gear presenter was recently on Matt Farah’s podcast. And as expected they were talking about the Cybertruck. Chris Harris said he sees Elon Musk as a disruptor who is able to see things from a different perspective. Just based on that he predicts the Cybertruck is going to be a success. Chris also pointed out that he never saw a better product than Tesla Model 3 with so much negative press around it. Overall, Chris’s attitude towards Tesla was much more positive than Matt’s.

Elon Musk driving over a traffic cone video

A video has circled around the internet of Elon Musk leaving the upscale Malibu restaurant Nobu. When joining traffic he took too sharp of a turn and in doing so knocked down a traffic cone or pylon with the rear tire. Judging by the video below, Elon did not feel a thing, nor did the cone leave any damage on the Cybertruck.


Tesla Cybertruck on the LA freeway

A video surfaced of the Tesla Cybertruck driving on the LA Interstate 405 freeway during the night. According to Roberto Cruz who took the video, there were two persons in the front seats of the Cybertruck. The truck looks absolutely massive on the road. Check out the video below.

The Tesla Cybertruck memes

Having a crazy low-polygon design also made it highly meme-able. Check our selection below.

cybertruck minecraft meme
homer meme
paint meme
cybertruck halo meme