InstaCars #2 – @the_og_323

Just like the Instagram handle of Alex (the owner of this BMW E21) suggests, the BMW E21 is the OG of BMW’s highly popular 3 series. Made from 1975 to 1983, the E21 featured everything you would expect from a BMW. The classic kidney grille in front and the infamous Hofmeister kink on the C-pillar. The Instagram we stumbled upon features an incredible 1982 E21 323 and the owner Alex is an absolute creative genius. His feed of incredible images would impress every photographer and the incredible E21 that he built is just jaw-dropping for every car enthusiast out there. We were very pleased to hear back from Alex and without further ado, here is his hot take on our 10 questions.

bmw e21

1. Tell us about yourself!

I’m Alex, I’m from a place called Tipperary in Ireland and I live in Dublin. I am a lawyer and big into cars as well as sports.

2. How did you get into cars?

I have always had an interest in cars especially older ones and BMWs.

3. What car (or cars) do you own and drive at the moment?

BMW e21 (I have 5)

4. What modifications did you do to your car, if any?

Too many to list but the main bits are an M52b 2.8 engine, Wilwood 4 pot racing brakes, e30 rear brakes, BC coilovers etc.

5. Which is your favorite car manufacturer and why?

I’d have to say BMW. Their cars cover so many aspects like you can easily arrive to your office job in an m4 and no one would question it. Some other cars sacrifice style and class for performance.

6. What are some other automotive brands you love?

Wilwood, BC, momo, BBS and carbon cleaning.

7. What are your future plans for the car you drive right now?

Finish the interior and then a half cage.

8. What is your dream car and how would you fill up your dream garage?

Dream car would be an Aston Martin V8 or a 964 turbo, I’d fill my garage with Porsches, BMW’s and a track Lotus.

9. Tell us where people can find you? 

@the_og_323 on Instagram, I have been known to have spare e21 parts if anyone is looking for stuff!

10. What is your advice to young guys just entering the car scene?

Go slow! There’s loads of time to do your car and don’t worry about other’s opinions.

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Thanks again to Alex and be sure to follow him on Instagram @the_og_323.

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