Instacars #7 – @r26.f1_track_car

The Renault Megane Renaultsport 230 F1 Team R26 (yes, that is its full name) is an absolute hot hatch icon. The R26 Megane gets its name from its big brother, the 2006 F1 race car by Renault. And it doesn’t only share a name, the R26 is a real drivers machine engineered by the highest-octane swilling engineers. Even by today’s standards, the 227 bhp R26 Megane is no joke around the corners. Dave, the man behind the Instagram account @r26.f1_track_car is using his R26 as a serious track weapon. With the number of mods that he applied and is still planning on doing, his R26 Megane really shows the potential this car carries. We were glad to hear back from Dave and found his perspective on Ford really interesting, here are his answers!

megane r26 instagram

1.Tell us about yourself!

I’m Dave, a mechanic at Hazelmere Autos High Wycombe.

2. How did you get into cars?

Always been into cars since I was old enough to pedal a go-kart. Started my apprenticeship the day after my last exam and been working in the motor trade ever since.

3. What car (or cars) do you own and drive at the moment?

I have a Ford Focus ST 170 for the road but my pride and joy is my R26 f1 Megane track car.

4. What modifications did you do to your car, if any?

  • Full coil overs all round
  • Roll cage
  • Plumbed in fire extinguishers
  • Bucket seats
  • 5 point harnesses
  • Vibra tec engine and gearbox mounts
  • Full system Milltek exhaust
  • Perspex side and rear windows
  • Quick shift
  • Front splitter
  • Ktec induction kit
  • Ferodo racing pads
  • Brake cooling ducts
  • Adjustable top strut mounts

5. Which is your favorite car manufacturer and why?

Ford by a mile I’ve grown up around cars like Sierra and Escort Cosworth rs turbo xr2 I love the way Ford brought speed to the working man.

6. What are some other automotive brands you love?

Brembo brakes.

7. What are your future plans for the car you drive right now?

After Christmas, I’m looking replace all bushes for power flex black bigger intercooler Possibly a set of r888r tyres.

8. What is your dream car and how would you fill up your dream garage?

McLaren P1 then every Ford RS model ever made.

9. Tell us where people can find you? 

Instagram @r26.f1_track_car
Hazelmere autos
01494 712211 Hazelmere autos
Estate office
Binders ind Est

10. What is your advice to young guys just entering the car scene?

Be patient.
Save money.
Have really good mates.
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Thanks again to Dave and be sure to follow him on Instagram @r26.f1_track_car 

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