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InstaCars #1 – @nardogreymk5



The VW Golf is a staple in both the European and the US car scene. In our opinion, the Golf really gained traction in the car scene with the MK5 Golf. Despite its age, the MK5 VW Golf GTI remains to look incredible. The one presented in InstaCars #1 is an absolute gem and we are thrilled to open up this category with such a beauty. We found Julien’s Instagram profile while scrolling through Instagram and it immediately caught our eye. The amount of mods on this Golf is just right, it’s done with taste and we certainly appreciate it. There aren’t a lot of nardo grey MK5 Golfs which makes it all the better.

insta cars #1

1. Tell us about yourself!

I’m Julien, I’m from Germany and I work as a metalworker.

2. How did you get into cars?

I was inspired by Jp Performance (car tuning company in Dortmund, Germany).

3. What car (or cars) do you own and drive at the moment?

Golf 5 GTI (MK5)

4. What modifications did you do to your car, if any?

  • software (280ps)
  • intake (hg motorsport)
  • fenders (Mücke)
  • rims (ultrawheels ua9)
  • suspension (h&r Monotube)
  • complete conversion to r32 Exhaust (Bullx)
  • paint (nardogrey)
  • interior in Alcantara

5. What is the favorite part or modification of your car why?

The paint, because I see very few MK5’s in nardo grey.

6. What are some other automotive brands you love?

I like BMW and Audi too.

7. What are your future plans for the car you drive right now?

Perhaps air suspension.

8. What is your dream car and how would you fill up your dream garage?

My dream car is the Nissan skyline r34. For the dream garage I think Pagani, Lamborghini, Skyline r35, Koenigsegg.

9. Tell us where people can find you? 

Instagram: Nardogreymk5

10. What is your advice to young guys just entering the car scene?

First, learn to drive, and then build your dream car😁

  • insta cars #1

  • nardo golf back two

  • nardo golf back

  • nardo golf side

  • nardo golf front

  • insta cars #1
  • nardo golf back two
  • nardo golf back
  • nardo golf side
  • nardo golf front
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