InstaCars #4 – @megane_rs_driver

Most of the readers we get on this website are from the USA. And we are glad to finally introduce a car that unfortunately isn’t available in the US. The Megane RS is a classic example of a European hot hatch. Even though it is not the smallest of hatchbacks, it is most definitely a really really fun driver’s car. And it’s not only fun, it drives on par with a Golf GTI but costs less. The Renault Sports department is known for creating great, fairly affordable sportscars with insanely good stock suspension and handling. Janik, the owner of this Megane RS 250 brought out the best of his Megane RS with a crazy straight pipe exhaust and H&R suspension. We hope this is the first of many Renaults that end up on Instacars. Here is what Janik had to say!

megane rs presentation 
1.Tell us about yourself!

Hey, I’m Janik, I’m from Gränichen. I’m Swiss and I work as a Mason. In my free time, I am often in my own Garage and see what I can do on my cars.

2. How did you get into cars?

It started when I was 17. Because I learned to drive and I fell in love. My Dad helps me whenever I need help with my car so I learn it too.

3. What car (or cars) do you own and drive at the moment?

My Racecar is a Renault Megane R.S 2.0 Turbo And my “Daylibitch” is an Audi a4 b5 2.8 V6 Avant Quattro

4. What modifications did you do to your car, if any?

Uhh, there are much! It has begun with a Suspension from H&R and Spacers. Then came full Aerodynamic Parts from Maxton Design. After this, I bought new 19 inch rims. And then came 200 cell sports Cat and a Sports Exhaust. I don’t know if that is all but important things.

5. Which is your favorite car manufacturer and why?

I like Audi very much but when you have to fix something it is very expensive. I love it because they are so beautiful and you have get an incredible interior.

6. What are some other automotive brands you love?

I like Maxton Design because they made the bodyparts for my car. And here we have an excellent car cleaning called Shiny Garage.

7. What are your future plans for the car you drive right now?

I have a big setback because my car was taken by the cops. In Switzerland, you can’t do anything like a straight pipe exhaust or suspension to the ground. And my car had a straight pipe exhaust and because of this they took it. So i don’t know what to do right now only that I have to rebuilt it legal.

8. What is your dream car and how would you fill up your dream garage?

Ohh I like the Rs4 and Rs6 from Audi and in the future, I want to own one of this.

9. Tell us where people can find you? 

I have an Instagram profile where I post all of my cars. If you want to see the Black Beast Go to @megane_rs_driver. If you want to see my Daylibitch Go to @armygreen_b5_dayli_driver

10. What is your advice to young guys just entering the car scene?

Do what you want and don’t listen to anybody else. Only you have to like it nobody else.
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Thanks again to Janik and be sure to follow him on Instagram @megane_rs_driver and @armygreen_b5_dayli_driver

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