InstaCars #5 – @jan.gerten

For those reading regularly, you know I have a slight obsession with Mercedes-Benz. When I scrolled through Jan’s Instagram, I knew he was the perfect candidate for Instacars. Just by seeing that he owns 2 W124’s, I knew this guy has taste. Designed by the legendary Bruno Sacco, the W124’s design language and engineering quality remain incredible since the 1980’s and Jan’s daily driven W124 is the proof. We were amazed by Jan’s inspiration to restore a W124 wagon and to build a BMW E36 track weapon. There is nothing more to say, here are Jan’s answers!

jan gerten instacars w124 
1.Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I’m Jan, 20 years old and from Trier, Germany. Currently, I’m doing my apprenticeship as a car mechanic

2. How did you get into cars?

Through my dad, the Motorsport Events we visited (German Hillclimb started in my village) and with games like Gran Turismo and Need for Speed.

3. What car (or cars) do you own and drive at the moment?

Daily: Mercedes W124 220E (Soon) Trackcar: BMW E36 325 Coupe and restoring a Mercedes S124 300TE-24 Wagon

4. What modifications did you do to your car, if any?

The Benz’s got 17 Inch AMG Styling 2 wheels and H&R suspension.
The BMW currently gets a Wiechers cage, has Sparco seats, Schroth 6Point harness, interior completely stripped, Class 2 Spoiler and GT-Splitter, M Bodykit, Protrack One Wheels and will get KW suspension and PU bushings when its back

5. Which is your favorite car manufacturer and why?

Porsche, because I love the feeling. Driving one is special for me, I love the way it drives, it sounds and how it looks. My dad has a 911 and I got infected by that love when I was 5 years old.

6. What are some other automotive brands you love?

There are too many brands to choose from. Every established brand has got good stuff.

7. What are your future plans for the car you drive right now?

The Benz as a daily driver is perfect the way it is. The BMW will go the typical project car way: it will never be finished and I will always find things to improve or modify 😉

8. What is your dream car and how would you fill up your dream garage?

My dream car is a Porsche 997 GT3 because I love the looks of it, it sounds great and it’s manual what I like in a fun car. The E46 M3 is also sexy as hell and an R32 Skyline GTR would find his way in my dream garage as well. I would also take an air-cooled Porsche like a 3.2 Carrera (G-Modell) or a 964.

9. Tell us where people can find you? 

Instagram: @jan.gerten

10. What is your advice to young guys just entering the car scene?

Have fun, connect with people with the same mindset as you and just start building your car. Get a relation to it, work on your car and visit events like meets or Motorsport events. Build the car the way you want it and not to impress other people or get attention. It’s your project 😉
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Thanks again to Jan and be sure to follow him on Instagram @jan.gerten

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