How to Protect Your Car Over Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, and are you ready for the holidays? If yes, do not forget an essential thing – how to protect your car over winter. Winter can take a huge toll on your car, especially if you don’t have a garage to store your vehicle.

If you want to travel over the winter, your car gets you to your destination safely. Hence, make sure your vehicle has excellent protection and winter equipment.

Here are a few essential tips to protect your car over the winter.

Invest in Good Winter Tires

Accidents happen often on the road even during the winter season. Since the road is wet or covered with snow, it becomes slippery. Don’t let you and your car suffer from accidents.  Use tires designed for the winter so that your grip is firm on frigid and slippery roadways.

Winter tires for your car are made from softer rubber that makes the tires supple during the cold season.  Don’t worry! Winter tires are affordable, so it wouldn’t cause a hole in your budget.

Use an Antifreeze Washer Fluid

The cold season causes discomfort to you and yes – your vehicle. Experts advise that car owners buy and use an antifreeze washer fluid to protect your windshield washer system. Having washer fluid that is not suitable for freezing temperatures can cause your washer system to crack and fail because of the frozen washer fluid expands inside the tubes and other components.

Take note:  the washer fluid doesn’t only leave your vehicle in good condition, but it’s not expensive at all. So, no hassles in spending a few dollars from your pocket.

Winter Car Covers Are a Good Idea

The cold winter outdoor is harsh and admit it – dangerous to your car. So, why not use the obvious and effective car protection – a winter car cover.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of removing snowfall on your car’s windshield. The car cover is designed for the winter and ensures any vehicle has protection from snow and other winter elements. The cover also provides protection to rubber door and window seals. A good cover is a suitable alternative to a garage.

Use a Thinner Oil

You might experience several engine problems with your car during the cold months. Well, this isn’t a coincidence or bad luck. The winter season often causes the gear and engine oil to thicken.

Yes, the result of the thickening gear and engine oil are engine problems. Don’t let this ruin your winter holidays. Use a thinner oil that protects your car from annoying engine issues.

This only applies to really cold areas, if temperatures dip just slightly below freezing you don’t need to worry about this. This is a complex issue so I advise you to read the following detailed guide by Amsoil.

Replace the Car’s Windshield Wipers

The winter days cause wreck not only to the body of a vehicle but also to the windshield wipers and other rubber parts.  So, don’t forget to check and replace your vehicle’s windshield wipers to keep you and your car safe from ice and other winter hazards while driving.

Remember: You should replace the car’s windshield wipers when you hear a squeaking noise or smearing pattern on the windshield. The rubber of the wipers gets tough and hard during the winter and causes them to perform badly.

Brush the Snow Away

Auto accessories such as brushes and ice scrapers are in high demand during the winter. But don’t be fooled by the ads you see on TV and the internet. Ice scrapers aren’t good for your car if you use it in the long term. Avoid hard and rough ice scrapers at all costs. There are better ways to protect your car over winter.

snow on car

The reasons are that ice scrapers can scratch or make abrasions on the car’s surface paint. Here’s a good and reliable alternative – use a brush having soft bristles.  You can also use a handy snow removal broom with a foam head. With these tools, you keep snowfall off from your car.

Apply a Paint Protection Film

A few of the common problems a car owner faces with their cars are scratches and scrapes. The cold temperature worsens these issues because of the harsh effects of snow and ice on the car. Don’t worry! You can use a paint protection film to keep your car free from scrapes and scratches.

An automotive film is thin and transparent (barely visible) but durable and reliable. You can maintain the great appearance of your car when you apply a paint protection film. There is also a lot of small rocks and gravel on the road that flies into your car which leaves small but visible marks on the front of your car.
To learn more about the PPF (paint protection film) check out this short video.

Just Wash Your Car

Washing your car at home does not take much time but does a whole lot to keep your car safe from the harsh winter weather. Going to the car wash is also a good idea because your car’s undercarriage can also be cleaned there with more detail than at home. Salt that is used to keep the roads ice-free is causing big damage to your undercarriage and the body of your vehicle. Washing it off helps big time. Also, take the time to apply car wax (cheaper and easier than a full paint protection film).
Older cars without zinc corrosion body protection are even more prone to developing rust. Repairing rusty areas is expensive and you should do everything in your power to avoid it.