4 Simple Honda K24Z7 Engine Problems – Civic Si, Acura ILX

The K24 series of engine are what makes Honda such a special car manufacturers, they are simply amazing. We previously talked about the turbo-powered Honda 2.0T K20C4 engine, however, today, we’re making a step back to what Honda does best, a naturally aspirated engine. This article will cover all the common Honda K24Z7 engine problems.

Looking for ways to find out more about specific problems that an engine carries is always a good idea. There are a lot of engines that do not deserve your attention. And if you buy a car with one problematic engine, you will end up in a money pit full of problems that will drain your nerves and also your wallet. So, if you don’t want that to happen, read till the very end.

First, we are going to learn more about the specs of this K24Z7 engine and learn the numbers that this engine makes. Then, we are going to cover the common Honda K24Z7 engine problems and learn about each of these issues in detail. Lastly, we will find out which models have this engine. So, let’s get started.

Basic Honda K24Z7 Engine Specs

Before we start elaborating on the problems, let’s first take a look at the basic specs of the K247 engine and learn more about the numbers that this engine makes.

For those who don’t know, the K24Z7 engine belongs to the K24 family of engines. And this family of engines has a lot of engine codes, including the Z7.

The K24 debuted in 2001 and was produced until 2016. What is worth noting is that for this article, we are only interested in the K24Z7.

This engine was produced between 2012 and 2015. It came in products like the Civic Si and the Acura ILX. And for a K24, this engine produced serious power because it was featured in sporty models.

The engine layout is the familiar inline-4 with a 2.4L in displacement. This engine is as old school as it can get.

The most modern feature that this engine has is probably the i-VTEC. Also known as intelligent VTEC, that combines Variable Timing Control with VTEC.

But here are the full specs of this engine.

  • Configuration: Inline-4
  • Displacement: 2.4L
  • Bore: 87 mm
  • Stroke: 99 mm
  • Block & Head Material: Aluminum
  • Head Design: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Variable Valve Timing: i-VTEC
  • Fuel Injection: Port Injection
  • Horsepower: 201 – 205 hp
  • Torque: 170 – 174 lb-ft

Common Honda K24Z7 Engine Problems

Common Honda K24Z7 2.4L VTEC engine problems include:

  • Front Crankshaft Seal Leak
  • Exhaust Cam Lobe Failure
  • High Oil Consumption
  • Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

We listed the most common problems with the K24Z7 engine, now let’s move on and elaborate on each of these problems.

Why do we think that this is necessary? Well, this is necessary because you need to understand these problems in order to become an expert. Without you learning when and how these problems appear, you will not get too far and you wouldn’t be able to tell if this engine you are looking at has this problem. So let’s dive into the problems and further understand them!

1. Front Crankshaft Seal Leak

The first problem on our list when it comes to the K24Z7 engine is the front crankshaft seal leak. So, what is this seal, and why is it so important?

Well, each engine has a front side and a rear side. The crankshaft comes from the front to the rear of the engine. And on both of these ends, there has to be a seal that will prevent oil from escaping.

This means that there are two of these seals, one at the front and one at the back. Since this engine is placed transverse, it means that the front side of the engine is on the left and the rear side is located on the right side.

In this case, the front seal is leaking, so this is on the left side of the engine bay. Whenever this O-ring fails, there will be some serious loss of engine oil.

Usually, there is a serious drop in oil pressure when the engine level drops. Also, there will be oil leaks below the car and splashes of oil around the seal.

The solution is to replace this rubber ring with a new one. And luckily, this is not as difficult as the rear seal.

The front seal can be replaced in less than an hour if the person knows what he is doing. The part alone is very cheap and overall, it is not that serious issue to deal with, except for the significant oil loss.

Now let’s move on to the next Honda K24Z7 engine problems.

2. Exhaust Cam Lobe Failure

An extreme amount of wear on the exhaust camshaft lobe was detected across all of the K24 engines that were sold, including the K24Z7.

So, what is the camshaft lobe, and why is it important? Well, this engine uses a dual camshaft setup. This means that there are two of these camshafts on top of the engine right below the valve cover.

Each of these camshafts has lobes, the lobes are the polished parts of the camshaft that come into contact with the lifters.

These lobes should only wear on high-mileage or low-maintained engines. But in this case, this wear often happens on relatively low miles.

And could definitely cause problems because if the camshaft lobes are not in good condition, the work of the engine will be under question.

There can be ticking noises coming from the engine, there can also be a check engine light with codes concerning the valve timing.

This is why the camshaft for the exhaust, if worn, has to be replaced. This is somewhat expensive but it has to be done in order to bring the engine back in shape.

So, we would recommend you do that if the camshaft is worn because that’s the only way around this problem.

Now let’s move on to the next Honda K24Z7 engine problems.

3. High Oil Consumption

High oil consumption was also noted on these engines. They tend to drink more oil compared to other engines in their class.

And to be honest, this is not something scary, almost all Japanese engines tend to consume more oil than needed.

The important thing is to be aware of this issue and top off the engine oil. So, with this engine, if you put the exact amount of engine oil, don’t expect that you will get the same amount when you drain it.

If the oil is not topped off, the engine will start to create a lot of sludge on the engine internals, which is the case with the K24.

This will further increase engine wear. That’s why when it comes to these engines, we recommend changing your oil every 5,000 miles.

Always add high-quality synthetic engine oil. If you don’t do these practices, the engine will drink more oil and will create sludge.

Eventually, there will be blockages and you can lose oil pressure and the engine could completely fail. So, more frequent changes, high-quality oil, and top off the oil here and there in order to avoid more problems.

4. Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

The timing chain tensioner failure is another very common failure point on the K24 engine series. And this problem affects the K24Z7 engine as well.

So, what is the timing chain tensioner, and why is it a problem? Well, the timing chain is the component that keeps tension on the timing chain.

In other words, the timing chain tensioner makes sure that the chain does not wobble and has unnecessary movements.

Since if there is a lot of slack, there will be noises that will be present on this engine. This is the rattling noise that is most present on engine idle.

And this is the tell-tale sign that you have a problem with the timing chain tensioner. Immediately after you notice these rattling sounds, you need to react quickly.

If not, the chain could jump and you can lose timing, which will result in the pistons and valves colliding. And this metal-to-metal contact could easily scrap your engine.

That’s why pay close attention to these rattling noises and replace the tensioner before the problem gets bigger.

Which Models Have The Honda K24Z7 Engine?

  • 2012 – 2015 Honda Civic Si
  • 2013 – 2015 Acura ILX


What Are The Common Honda K24Z7 Engine Problems?

Common problems with the K24Z7 engine include timing chain tensioner failures, high oil consumption, front main seal failure, and cam lobe wear on the exhaust camshaft of the engine. Overall, there are no dealbreakers, but still, the oil consumption is a concerning issue that you need to pay close attention to.

If you do buy a Honda with the K24 engine, make sure it was maintained regularly!

Is The Honda K24Z7 Engine Reliable?

This engine is fairly reliable. The K24 as an engine design is pretty old and has proven throughout the years for its durability. Still, this is not an engine that will last for a lifetime because it can consume oil and whenever this becomes excessive, you will have to rebuild or replace the engine with a new one.

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