Windshield Wipers: Everything You Need To Know!

Windshield wipers, car wipers and other synonyms all indicate one of the simplest, but at the same time the most important security systems of your car. You read that right, security systems. In case of rain, fog or snow, good wipers are crucial for a safe and comfortable ride. While we can deal with bad wipers in sunny weather, the story is completely different when our windshield is wet or snowy.

Despite the affordability of good car wipers, a large percentage of people neglect to maintain and replace them. Is it worth endangering your own safety and the safety of others in traffic because of the negligible cost of replacement? Definitely not! If you agree, you are invited to continue reading.

What are the key components of car wipers?

Wipers on modern cars basically consist of three key components: the wiper motor, the wiper arms, and the wiper blades. The electric wiper motor moves the wiper arms and blades on the windscreen surface, the wiper arms ensure proper pressure of the wiper blades on the windshield surface, and the wiper blades themselves effectively remove water droplets and dirt.

Wiper blades are a component that requires regular maintenance or. proper use and replacement. The time to replace the wiper blades occurs when the tire on the blade is damaged or hardened due to exposure to the weather. Damaged or hard rubber on the wiper blade does a poor job and even damages our windshield.

What are the signs of bad car windshield wipers?

If it is time to change the wipers, the symptoms are visible and audible. You can find them directly in front of you, on the windshield. The most common signs of worn wipers are as follows:

  • Creaking, squealing and loud operation
  • Leaks, stains and unclean surfaces
  • Skipping and vibrating
  • Poor dirt removal and stain leakage

If you recognize any of the listed signs of worn out windshield wipers, it’s time to get them changed. Do not delay replacement as hard and damaged wiper blade rubber can cause permanent micro damage to your windshield. The amount of times you should replace windshield wipers depends on the frequency of use, how you use them and weather conditions. In principle, we recommend that you check the condition of your wipers annually and replace them if necessary.

Used windshield wipers pose a traffic hazard

If your wipers creak, leave marks, skip or remove dirt poorly, your safety and the safety of others in traffic is also in question. Loud and skipping wipers reduce the attention you would otherwise pay to what’s happening on the road. The most dangerous are the wipers, which leave traces and thus do not allow an unobstructed view of the road. In the traces they leave behind, the glare of oncoming vehicles or the rear lights of the vehicle in front of us also increases.

It is important to know that anything that prevents a clear view of the road poses a risk of an accident with an overlooked vehicle, cyclist or even a pedestrian.

How to choose the right windshield wipers for your car?

We hope we haven’t completely intimidated you so far with the facts about the dangers of bad wipers. The good news is that choosing and installing new wipers is quite easy. With our help, it has never been easier.

Choose the right windshield wipers for your needs

Because we believe that it is sometimes difficult to choose the right ones from the range of wipers, we have prepared a short guide for you based on tests from the German ADAC.  It is true that some wipers are adapted for more demanding users who are on the road more often and regardless of weather conditions.

Differences between cheaper and more expensive Windshield wipers

According to the latest tests by the German automotive association ADAC, Bosch Aerotwin wipers performed best. The reason for this is their flat design made of a double blend of soft rubber combined with a graphite coating. With an aerodynamic design, a built-in spoiler and asymmetrical grooves along the wiper, they ensure optimal contact with the windscreen and, consequently, optimal windscreen cleaning.

Design of windshield wipers

The design of cheaper wipers is more articulated. Compared to flat wipers such as Bosch Aerotwin, their performance is significantly worse and completely incomparable with the results of cleaning flat wipers. This was found both in testing by the German Automobile Association ADAC. Flat-wiped wipers perform better at high speeds thanks to their aerodynamic shape. Their shape and design also provide more even pressure on the windshield and quieter operation.

Based on international test, the windshield wipers above, Bosch Aerotwin are considered to be the best wiper blades on the market today. They are also most commonly placed on new luxury sports and executive cars such as Porsche Panamera.

Windshield wiper blade rubber quality

One of the main factors that distinguishes good wipers from bad ones is the difference in the quality of the wiper blade rubber itself. Like tires, the wiper rubber is constantly affected by weather conditions. In the ADAC tests, all wipers were exposed to both low temperatures (-10 ° C) and high temperatures (20 ° C). In the test of the German Automobile Association ADAC, all wipers were exposed to UV rays, which simulates the harmful effects of sunlight on the life of the wiper blade rubber. After 150,000 cleanings, the findings were clear, low budget wipers = poor wiping. Again, wipers from well-known brands such as Bosch and SWF worked best. 

Adjustment and installation of windshield wipers

Cheaper wipers are often not fully compatible with your vehicle’s OEM wiper arms. Although you can install a cheaper windshield wiper on your vehicle with the right attachment, there is still a good chance that the attachment height is incorrect. This is reflected in the poorer quality of wiping. High-quality wipers such as Bosch Aerotwin offer a perfect fit, easy installation and the optimal replacement for your OEM wipers. Due to their excellent performance, Bosch Aerotwin wipers are also the factory choice of many vehicle manufacturers. 

What should you look for when choosing new windshield wipers?

  • Quiet and efficient operation at all speeds, even on the highway
  • Proper blade height to ensure optimal and even pressure on the windscreen 
  • A flat design that is significantly better than the wipers with a classic design based on tests 
  • Quality rubber compound on the wiper that ensures optimal performance and long wiper life Easy installation without the help of a friend or mechanic 

Why you should not buy cheap windshield wipers

  • Windshield wipers are replaced only once a year or even less so saving up those small amounts of money really makes no sense. 
  • Windshield wipers are crucial to your safety and the safety of others in traffic. 
  • The cost of replacing wipers is negligible compared to their importance.
  • The difference in price between good and bad wipers is negligible on an annual basis. 

If we keep these facts in mind then choosing wipers is easy. Compared to cheaper wipers, on average quality wipers such as Bosch Aerotwin can be only 10-15$ more expensive. However, their performance and lifespan justify this price difference from the first time they are used. If you take into account that you will not change the wipers on a monthly basis with proper use and maintenance, the price difference is really negligible. Our recommendation is to always buy the highest quality wipers. When price differences are so small and the impact on driving safety and comfort is so great, it is completely pointless to resort to lower quality products.

How to replace windshield wipers

Once you get the wipers home, it’s time to change them. The process is easy and fast. To make your work easier, here is a video tutorial:

Windshield wiper maintenance

When you install your new wipers, it is definitely in your best interest to extend their life. The truth is that wipers do not require complex maintenance, but it is important to avoid improper handling of wipers.

What you should not do with windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are not cleaners of coarse and stubborn dirt

The car wiper in combination with the windshield fluid is a great tool for cleaning the windshield while driving. However, if resin, sand particles and bird droppings accumulate in your car, it is recommended that you wash the windscreen by hand. The rubber on the wiper blade is susceptible to damage and is not intended for rubbing coarse and sticky dirt.

Windshield wipers are not designed to remove ice

In winter conditions, car owners are often “lazy”. Instead of manually removing all the icy surface of the windshield, we leave this task to the wiper. The icy surface and edges of the ice are rough. When passing the broom over the icy surface, we inadvertently destroy the wipers. When icing is expected, raise the wiper arms and make sure they do not freeze.

Windshield wipers should not be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner and strong cleaners

The rubber on the wiper blade is a precisely shaped and graphite-coated instrument. Graphite coating ensures longer life and gentle and effective wiping. If we aim directly at our brooms with a high-pressure cleaner, the graphite coating and the rubber of the broom are easily damaged. The same goes for strong chemical cleaners. Always clean the rubber on the wiper blade only with a soft damp cloth!

Neglecting destroyed and dirty wipers

If you notice that your wipers carry a lot of dirt while driving, it is recommended that you wipe them gently during the next stop. Dirt on the wipers can leave invisible micro notches on the windshield. Prolonged use of used wipers can have the same devastating effect. Replacing the wipers is significantly cheaper than replacing a damaged windshield.

without windshield wipers

Frequently Asked Questions

To conclude our guide to choosing, buying, and maintaining wipers, we’ve put together some answers to our customers’ most common questions. You can also checkout our guide on replacing cars fluids, including windshield wiper fluid.

How do I know which wiper size to choose for my vehicle?

The correct length of wipers for your vehicle is stated in the operating instructions of your vehicle. If you do not have instructions, you can measure the car wiper blades manually. The easiest way is to use our interactive search engine (link to the search engine) for wipers. In it, you enter information about your vehicle and only the wipers that are definitely suitable for your vehicle are displayed.

Can I change the wipers myself?

Of course! Changing wipers is very easy and you don’t need to visit a mechanic. We have prepared a post for you, which easily shows the change process with the help of video and pictures (link to the process, you can blog entry from

When and how often do I need to change the wipers?

No one can give you an exact answer to this question. The lifespan of wipers depends on the frequency of use, weather conditions and how the wipers are used. If you often drive in rain and snow, it is recommended to check and change the wipers every year. In principle, quality wipers on a car can last up to two years.

Can I replace the rear wiper of my vehicle?

Of course! Visibility through the rear window is just as important as visibility from the front. If you notice poor performance of the rear wiper, it’s time to replace it, you can find them here. (link to the last wipers / search engine, if you sell them, otherwise we delete it)

Are quality wipers like the Bosch Aerotwin really worth the price difference?

Definitely. Our main goal is your safety and the safety of others in traffic. If you do not trust us, trust the independent tests of the German Automobile Association ADAC.