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Video: Fiat Panda just got a 0 star NCAP rating, see why

The old but refreshed Fiat Panda got a new Euro NCAP rating of 0 stars. See why it does not matter!



fiat panda

The old but refreshed Fiat Panda got a new Euro NCAP rating of 0 stars. You might be asking yourself how is this possible for a mass produced vehicle in 2018. This is highly debatable, considering it got 4 stars in 2011. But are these ratings reliable, does the Panda deserve to have its reputation slammed?

Fiat is the same company that makes the 500 Abarths which are highly respected in the car enthusiast community. A year ago, the Fiat Punto was given a 1 star Euro NCAP rating, which was also a big surprise. Whos next, the long produced 500?

Why the re-tests NCAP?

Why are they testing these cars again? Its so strange and it almost seems like they are targeting Fiat. Im just guessing here but it seems like an organized attack against Fiat with some background motive. They are retesting older cars which still in production. But you do not see them re-testing any german cars for instance. The low score compared to the 4 stars in 2011 is most likely due to the fact that the standards for safety increased dramatically over the years. They also put a bigger impact on cars having all sorts of electronic aids that increase safety. Most of which we suddenly must have.

My honest opinion is that the Panda doesnt deserve the score its got. Just because it received a minor facelift it does not mean its a new car which needs re-testing. Yeah the standards changed, but the only fair thing to do would be to either re-test all the cars which are still in production or do not re-test at all. These scores surely have an effect on sales and marking the Panda as a death trap is unfair.

Why is the Fiat Panda awesome?

Fiat Panda and Punto are both highly present on European roads and if you ever rented a car in Europe, you were surely offered the Panda as the low cost option. Pandas are highly respected in Europe, especially the 4×4 version which is just awesome. Many people who live in areas with hills and snow pick it over most 4×4’s, just because of its capabilities and low price. Its not meant to beat extremely rough terrain but it still beats some serious terrain. Its a proper peoples car, not the most beautiful but certainly very practical and priced for the average citizen.

Check the video below if you never heard of it.

Lets talk about responsible driving

One thing you wont see any headlines about is the concept of defensive and responsible driving. It is certainly more important than star ratings and all kinds of electronic systems. In fact I highly believe that people should learn driving without electronic aids, to get the feel of how your car reacts to certain road conditions. Most people never heard of under and over steer, let alone practiced controlling it under controlled conditions. All the electronic assists will only keep you safe to a certain measure. Lets practice driving and talk about driving.

I would hate to see organizations like the Euro NCAP to start producing results which would benefit some other parties. The whole concept of re-testing certain cars which are still on sale today seems like a strange concept. I dont think the Panda is going extinct anytime soon.

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