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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Citroen?



citroen dsWelcome to the quiz called "How Well Do You Know Citroen?"

Before you are 10 questions that will thoroughly test your knowledge of the iconic French brand Citroen. We wish you good luck and be sure to check how many answers you got correct or wrong at the end of the quiz.

No other feeling is as closely associated with Citroën as comfort. The fact that comfort and Citroën have become synonymous is probably due to the fact that the brand is built on comfort: from 1912, before André Citroën could fulfil his dream of having his own car brand, he made money with gears. The angular toothing patented by him ensures smoother, quieter and more efficient running. This convenience and smoothness inspired the industry – and ultimately brings in the start-up capital for founding Citroën. The double angle in the brand logo is a reminder of this to this day.

The fact that in the first Citroën logo a blue double angle was outlined in yellow is a colourful reference to the family name: André Citroën’s great-great-grandfather was a citrus fruit seller in Holland and adopted the nickname that his customers had given him: “Limoenman” (literally translated “Lemon man”). Over the generations, this became “Citroen” (Dutch for lemon). Die-hard Citroën fans are of course familiar with the story and affectionately call their car “Lemon” to this day.
By the way: The dots on the “e” go back directly to André Citroën, when the gifted student was enrolled in the elite Lycée Condorcet, they had to clarify the French pronunciation of his name.

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