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Public Auto Auctions for Everyone: Here is How!



Public auto auctions: If you ever found yourself wondering how can normal, working people you see all around you afford almost brand new cars or pickup trucks and they even have a nice fishing boat to tow around on the weekends. Let us reveal a well-kept secret: auto auctions are now open to not only those with dealer’s licenses but to everyone, you just don’t know about it!

Public auto auction

Public auto auctions are self-explanatory, they are opened to the public. To access hundreds of repossessed or government vehicles you used to need a dealer’s license which is hard and complicated to get. This also explains why used car dealers never run of “stock”. They grab the best deals at public auto auctions and resell the vehicles they bought for a low price. Just simple business really.

Well, those same public auto auctions aren’t only opened to dealers nowadays. By gaining access, you too can see the online catalog of used, repossessed and government vehicles that are selling for one-third of their market price. It is only a matter of access, some of these auctions are free to join, while others require paying a small fee.

Public auto auctions near me

We understand your worries, no one or nearly nobody wants to bid on a car, without seeing it in person. You’re in luck, most of the states and even bigger towns are regularly hosting these auctions. By gaining access to the entire catalog of government and repossessed vehicles you can easily sort those vehicles by location and see where they are being auctioned off.

If you live in a big city or near a big city, you are in luck. These auctions happen quite regularly so finding the right deal for you is no issue. Public auto auctions of extremely cheap vehicles are a common thing in most states and cities, you just don’t know about them yet.

When gaining access to the auction database you receive immediate access to direct information about a large amount of Federal and Government related vehicle auctions including seized, surplus, foreclosed, repossessed or fleet vehicles at low prices. There are more than 3000+ auctions listed on a regular basis. Some of those auctions are live/in-person while others happen online.

Online car auctions

Due to the ease of use, COVID restrictions, and the fact that many repo car listings are being available online, online car auctions have gained popularity. Online car auctions usually provide detailed pictures of the cars and a free VIN check-up. Some people love online auctions because they can bid on cars that are far away. Others tend to stay away because you cant actually see the lot in person. Anyways, by gaining access to these public auto auctions, you get access to both live and online auctions.

Car Auctions Open To The Public: Gain Access Now

Back in the day, if you didn’t know someone with connections or if you did not have a dealer’s license, you could forget ever attending a government surplus or repossessed car auctions.

Well lucky for you, times have changed and gaining access to these open to public auctions has never been easier. Here is how and where: is the only official and audited source for government, police, and repo auctions all across the United States of America. For years on end, they have been and remain America’s most trusted and largest resource for Government & Police, live & online car auctions of Government pre-owned and seized cars, trucks, and SUV’s.

government auctions

Why choose

  • Access to 10,000s of Government pre-owned quality vehicles at rock bottom prices. With thousands of new listings each week!
  • #1 Favorite Source for US Gov’t Auto Auctions, See Why!
  • Seized Cars, SUV’s & Trucks from $100
  • Immediate Access – Live and Online
  • 4,000+ Auctions US-Wide and the vehicle catalog is always updating.
  • Be Smart – Save Thousands! Don’t pay full price at a dealership.
  • One-time fee, no recurring bills, and other up-sell nonsense.
  • If you want to learn more details, click here.

What kind of savings can you expect when buying at an auction?

It really depends on the auction and the desirability of the lot selling, but generally speaking, you always get at least a 50% discount if not more compared to the market price. Here is a few examples:

auction testimonial
auction auto sales

Don’t be scared of auctions! Literally anyone can do it.

Auctions are not complicated. Before the auction starts you have the right to inspect the vehicles on the auction grounds, the earlier you come, the more time you have. Some auctions also offer an “inspection” day which happens a day or two before the auction. Typically many cars would start selling from only $100. If there is a limited number of attendees that day (and we have so many sources that it is probable that you will have almost no other bidders) then you are likely to get the repo car you want for a ridiculously low amount when the actual bidding starts later that day!

All you need on the day of the auction is to register as a purchaser/bidder and bring with you a valid photo ID. also provide you with a comprehensive auction tutorial once you gain access to the members area.

Most auction centers or online auctions offer a 3-month warranty or guarantee free of charge. For extended warranties, a small fee would apply, depending on the auction. But in general, it’s not a problem, since many repo cars are almost brand new and with documented service history. The same goes for government vehicles which are regularly serviced to stay within the work-safety regulations.

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