Mercedes-Benz Auctions: Big Savings, Same Cars – Here is How!

Mercedes-Benz Auctions: Car auctions of surplus government vehicles, seized cars, repossessed cars, and salvage title cars are considered to be a sort of a secret for dealerships and individual car resellers. These auctions used to be closed for the public which meant you needed a dealer’s license to get access and buy all these cars, including Mercedes-Benzes with a big discount. However, times have changed, and gaining access to these auctions has never been easier.

Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans and SUV’s on Auction

Before getting into detail about gaining access and how simple these government vehicle auctions actually are, here are a few examples of the prices you can expect to pay for different Mercedes-Benz cars at auctions. Keep in mind that these auctions are not always stocked like dealerships, which means you will sometimes have to wait a week or two for the right car. You can however find all kinds of Mercedes-Benz cars like the G class, S class, E class, C class, Sprinter vans (perfect for van life and camper conversions) and other Mercedes models like the SL, GL, CL, etc. Some of these have salvage titles and need some work but the majority of them (90%) are in perfect condition.

Mercedes-Benz S class Auctioned in November 2020

Sold for 20000$.

Mercedes-Benz E class Auctioned in January 2021

Sold for 13000$.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Auctioned in September 2020

Sold for 7000$.

Other recently finished Mercedes-Benz auctions

mercedes benz cars on auction

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Mercedes-Benz auctions: Everything you need to know (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How are these Mercedes-Benz cars so cheap?
    So you are probably asking how can the cars be this cheap. It’s simple, not a lot of people attend these auctions, because not a lot of people even know about them. If the car has been repossessed, the bank will only care about getting back what’s left of the loan. This is why the starting prices are so low. The same goes for surplus government vehicles. Federal agencies already have new cars or the budget needed for purchasing new cars so they just want to get rid of their “old” inventory. Keep in mind that most of these vehicles aren’t older than 5 years, which is the best part.

    Dealerships and resellers know about these auctions so they buy up all the interesting lots and sell them for massive profits a week later. Don’t be the person who pays the double price, be the person who is smart enough to get access to these auctions.
  2. How do you access the whole auction database and how many auctions can you expect?
    You get full access by creating an account at Join directly by clicking here or read more and see some of the currently available cars by clicking here.

    By creating an account at you will have full access to 3000+ live and online auctions happening all over the US. You get access to auction information like locations, dates, times, and detailed information about vehicle conditions and warranty. You get the same access as all the dealerships in the country. They know it’s worth it.
  3. How safe is the buying process and is there any warranty or guarantee?
    The vast majority of auction centers offer a 3-month warranty or guarantee for free. This is standard and 3 months are more than enough for you to discover any major faults with the vehicle. That’s more secure than buying from a shady dealership or a reseller.

    Auction centers are legitimate companies that work with banks, government agencies so the buying process is as secure as can be.
  4. Are these Mercedes-Benz cars on auction really in good condition?
    Yes, most luxury brand cars like Mercedes-Benz are on auctions and for sale by banks. As soon as people miss the second payment of their loan, the banks reclaim the cars. The banks know that if people had a hard time keeping up with the loan payments, they surely had a hard time maintaining and servicing these cars.

    Most of the Mercedes-Benz cars on auction are 2-3 years old and the majority have traveled between 25,000 – 40,000 miles. Banks make sure they reclaim these cars before they endured any damage from careless maintenance.
  5. How complicated are these Mercedes-Benz auctions?
    Contrary to the popular belief, auctions are not complicated at all. Here is how it goes. You arrive early, before the auction start and you can freely inspect the cars you are interested in. Most of the cars are accompanied by a free VIN checkup and you have all the time you need to fully inspect the car. Some auction centers even organize inspection days before the actual bidding. If you find a car that you want to buy, you register as a purchaser/bidder with a valid photo ID.

    Online auctions are no different, you are provided with detailed photos, videos, and information about the offered cars. Online auctions usually offer longer warranties as you might not get to inspect the car in person before buying it.
  6. Are there any hidden fees when buying a car at an auction?
    No there are no additional or hidden fees. There is a small one-time fee to register on This fee makes sure the stream of information is regularly updated and that only serious buyers attend these auctions. Compared to the potential savings, this fee is more and reasonable. Learn more about public auto auctions in our other article, here.

For more Mercedes-Benz auctions and information visit directly and browse through some of the current listings and more! is the only official and audited source for government, police, and repo auctions all across the United States of America. For years on end, they have been and remain America’s most trusted and largest resource for Government & Police, live & online car auctions of Government pre-owned and seized cars, trucks, and SUV’s.

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