Jeremy Clarkson at home: Wives, girlfriend, family

Jeremy Clarkson does not keep his private life for himself. The public was always well aware of his marital status and court battles. His current girlfriend Lisa Hogan even opened up publicly to share how she perceives her relationship with the legendary motoring journalist.


Jeremy Clarkson first married in 1989 to Alex Hall. She left him 6 months later for one of his friends. It is safe to say his first marriage was not a huge success. Especially when your wife leaves you for your “friend”. His second marriage took place in 1993. He married Francis Cain, the daughter of Robert Henry Cain. Her father Robert was an esteemed army veteran and a recipient of the Victoria Cross. Victoria Cros is the highest and most prestigious award for armed forces. Clarkson and his new wife Francis lived in Chipping Norton, Cotswolds. His second wife Francis is known for buying him gifts that revolved around cars. In 2007 she gifted him the legendary Mercedes 600. Quite a gift.


Jeremy Clarkson and Francis have three children. Their firstborn is Emily Clarkson who is known today for her writing. She is the author of the books “Can I speak to someone in charge?” and “Dear pretty normal me”. In a recent interview, she said she cringed when she first gave a copy of her book to her dad, Jeremy Clarkson.
After Emily came Finlo Clarkson and then there youngest Katya Clarkson. You might have seen Emily and Finlo during the 2014 “Ice bucket challenge” when they surprised Jeremy with a bucket of ice. He was not pleased, to say the least.

Current partner

Jeremy Clarkson is currently in a relationship with the 46-year-old Lisa Hogan. They appeared together on many red carpet events and have recently traveled in Asia where they spent a few months. Lisa Hogan is a former actress, mostly known for her role in 1997 film Fierce Creatures. She is the daughter of a former model Arlene Underwood and father, architect Maurice Hogan. Her father passed away when she was just 14 years old.

In a recent interview, she says life with Jeremy Clarkson is great and that she is really happy in the relationship. One thing they have in common is surviving extreme crashes. Lisa once survived a crashing private airplane and Jeremy had his fair share of near-death experiences with his motoring shenanigans.