Drunk driving: Alcoholic or a Murderer?

I have no hate for alcoholics. I despise them because of the harm they are doing to their families but I don’t care about them alone. If your plan is to destroy your life and live a miserable existence, go for it, you are free to do so. What I absolutely hate are murderers, drunk drivers that is. Alcoholics who have the audacity to sit behind the wheel and endanger everyone around them. The only thing differentiating a murderer from an alcoholic is the driving part. Every drunk driver is a potential murderer on the loose.

Millions of potential murderers

According to OurWorldInData.org’s alcohol consumption statistics, a little over 2% of US citizens in 2017 had an alcohol use disorder. This means they were alcoholics with an active addiction to alcohol consumption. 2% might not sound a lot, but with a population of around 327 million, that adds up to about 6,5 million adults addicted to alcohol. I’m guessing a big share of those 6,5 million is also regular drivers. This is only counting the people who were captured by the official statistics, there is much more alcoholics roaming around “undetected”. This is an insane amount of people and somehow it seems we are doing very little other than police work to stop this insane behavior. And we have to thank our police for every single drunk driver they detain. This is the real life-saving work before a tragedy takes place.

Start saving lives, snitch!

The sad part about this whole thing is that we all probably know or heard about a person in our community who drinks and drives on a regular basis. I have to be honest and say that I know such people and I never did anything to stop them. I think talking to them or playing good cop is not the solution here. These people need hard lessons and they need them fast. That is the only way they will learn. I decided I am going to become a snitch, I will tip my local police station the next time I see a drunk guy getting behind the wheel. I do not normally condone snitching but this type of snitching can save innocent lives and there is no shame in doing that.

Hard lessons

Countless broken families will never get to hug their daughters and kids without their parents because of drunk driving. Just because a trash human being decided to drink himself to death and sit behind the wheel and drive. Screw that and screw them, #snitchondrunkdrivers! Stories like that should not exist, and it’s in our best interest to do whatever it takes to stop it. I think the current penalties for drunk driving are way to soft for these people to realize what their actions can cause. I would suggest a permanent license cancellation as a first step. Having talked and hung around these people I have a feeling of their mentality and thinking. They don’t care, they don’t think about the consequences in the slightest. This is the part that needs changing. Only hard lessons and stricter regulations can change that.