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Do you need an SUV?

You caught the SUV bug, here is how to fight it. Ask yourself if you really need and SUV or would a minivan or a wagon be much more sensible and economical.



toyota land cruiser

You caught the dreaded SUV bug, what now?

It’s ok, there is still hope for you. We have all been there, while driving to work in your Toyota Camry you see a guy sitting up high in his off-road ready Jeep Wrangler or a big BMW X5. You immediately start imagining all the possibilities that a proper SUV brings to the table. Don’t get me wrong, there are many positive thing that come in play if you own a proper off-roader. But most of the time these huge cars are being driven on flat asphalt roads where they make ZERO sense.

bmw x5

The positives

Let us first the differentiate between soft roaders and hard off-roaders. Soft roaders would be your typical BMW X5’s, Mercedes ML and so on. With huge ass rims and low profile tires these cars are pretty much useless on real off-road terrain. If you like big, fat and useless cars, a soft roader just might be your thing. I wont even try and convince you in the other direction, you just have to learn your lesson. Soft roaders have small trunks in relation to the size of the car. They do not offer any extraordinary space for the passengers. They do look cool and they are easy to get in, which is especially useful if you are 80 and your back hurts.

On the other hand, proper off-roaders do give you a certain amount of freedom. They provide options to truly experience a lifestyle that not many car owners can enjoy. Using your off-roader to go camping in places where no other vehicles can go is what these vehicles are about. Driving on rough terrain is a true skill even though it might seem simple. Watch the video below to get the idea what true off-roading is about.

These real off-roaders are not comfortable to drive on highways. They are gas guzzlers and while they look cool, they do not look as sleek as an BMW X5M. So if you have real intentions on using a big SUV for off-road exploration then my advice would be to go for it. It will make you spend your weekends out in nature, which has a positive effect on your health and outlook on life.

Soccer mom SUV’s – Negatives

Why the world, not just the USA is currently obsessed with SUV’s is beyond me. 99% of SUV owners do not use their cars off the road. They do not need high ground clearance and they are not “more safe”. What most people need, especially families is a big trunk and practical sliding doors that make it easy to unload their kids in tight parking spaces. Do you see what i did there, yeah i described a minivan. Super useful shape of a car and also a shape that is in steep decline.

global minivan sales

I think most ordinary people buy SUV’s purely out of the pursue to look cool. They would never admit it but the reality is that they get a lot less car compared to a minivan. And its the same with most of the young guys driving big trucks or SUV’s. They want to look cool, portray a certain picture and pump their egos.

The bug

So you still want an SUV? My advice would be to really think your decision through. Consider the fact that the maintenance cost are most likely going to be higher. Consider if you are really going to use it off-road and other factors I stated above. One being the road handling for instance. If you came to a conclusion that you want an SUV purely for the look, then i suggest you start looking at pictures of cool wagons as soon as possible. Wagons are practical, look better and handle amazingly.

Please tell us in the comments why do you drive an SUV?

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