Mercedes W205 Problems (2015–2021) – Common Issues & Buyers Guide

Mercedes W205 Problems: We recently covered all the known issues of the Mercedes C Class W204 model, which to this day holds the title of one of the most reliable Mercedes-Benz cars, especially in its class. Today we are talking about its successor, the W205 C-Class which was manufactured from 2015 to 2021. Because some of these cars are still rather new, there is less information about known major faults than there is for older models. Nevertheless, we scoured the internet and read 20+ forum threads with owners complaining about their issues. We have compiled those issues into this article. We hope you find this article helpful if you are in the market for a Mercedes C-Class W205. Here are the most common Mercedes W205 problems out there.

Mercedes W205 problems – Engine and Transmission

  • Owners of C300 W205 C Classes are often getting the dreaded “P052E: Positive Crankcase Ventilation Regulator Valve Performance” check engine code. The part that needs replacing has an oil separator and the actual crankcase vent valve. It is called a vent valve for short because the oil separator is included in the intake line (which is connected to the intake system of the turbo). This is not an easy fix but it is covered under a warranty or extended warranty. It takes about 5-6 hours in labor and the replacement part is around 300$. Based on our research it usually happens at 50-60k miles (80-100,000 km). Other than that, the M274 4 cylinder engine is not a troublesome engine.
  • If you are looking at the strong AMG C63 models with the M177 engines, make sure that the coil packs have been replaced or that they are in working order. It is a tough and expensive fix and you don’t want to be dealing with those misfires.
  • The 220d diesel W205 models experience chain tensioner issues along with cracks in the plastic intake manifold and the plastic fuel filter housing.
  • Smaller 1.6 and 2.0l petrol engines are prone to early thermostat failures. Always keep an eye on the engine temperature gauge. Not an easy and cheap repair.
  • As with all modern Mercedes-Benz engines, owners are reporting that they need to replace the oxygen (NOX) sensors more often than what is considered normal. The same problems are present in other Mercedes models.
  • The W205 is known to eat up tires fast. While this is normal on the rear tires of the C63 AMG model, it is also present in all other variants. Apparently, the issue lies within the wheel alignment which causes the outer edges of the front tires to get used prematurely. Regularly rotating the tires solves the problem. 
  • A lot of owners are reporting noisy, squeaky brakes when coming to a complete stop. Brakes on the early models are also prone to premature failure.
  • Owners and some media outlets are complaining about the jerky shifting of the 9G automatic transmission. Some owners have to replace the valve body of the transmission to resolve the issue of rough upshifts.
w205 c63s amg back

Body and interior problems

  • A big number of owners are disappointed with the interior noise in the W205 C-Class.
  • We noticed multiple owners complaining about the drooping, sagging sunroof shade.
  • Sunroofs and door seals are known for creaking loudly.
  • Many owners report that their Comand infotainment systems are freezing. A software upgrade solves the problem.
  • Dying LED lights on the door handle seem to be a common issue.
  • Some W205s with MB-Tex material interior are suffering from a “Bleeding” issue. The seats develop glossy spots. 
  • There were some reported issues with the central locking system.
  • Owners with the 19” Alloy wheels are reporting that the wheels are prone to cracking when driven on rough roads.
  • With age, a lot of these vehicles have been showing signs of switchgear wear and seating tears.
w205 interior

Electronic problems

  • Several owners are reporting that their anti-collision system gets activated when approaching road works. Something in the system must detect reflective road work signalization as a possible collision.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 comfortable to drive?

Apparently not according to this in-depth article by We have not seen other complaints.

Is the Mercedes W205 C-Class reliable?

According to Consumer Reports and Motor Biscuit, it is definitely not among the most reliable with 11 recalls during its time of production. Based on our research we would have to say the same, the opinions are very mixed.

What other Mercedes W205 common problems should you look out for?

  • When buying a W205, be sure to look for any kind of oil leaks (below the engine, at the turbocharger, at the head gasket, etc.)
  • W205 also suffers from air conditioning problems. Be sure to check if the air conditioning is working as it should.
  • Even though there are no reported air suspension problems with the W205, as these vehicles get older, expensive air springs and bags will need replacing. Be aware if you are buying a W205 with Airmatic.
  • Take a test drive and be on the lookout for any suspension noise, problems with the turbo (delayed engagement, whistling, etc.), Bluetooth connectivity problems, and AdBlue warning lights.

What were the recalls for the W205 C-Class?

There has been a total of 11 recalls which you can find here.

Conclusion and recommendation

Reading all of this might seem like the Mercedes W205 problems are endless, but we would still not be afraid of buying one. If you get a vehicle that was properly maintained, had all the known issues fixed under warranty it might be a great purchase. Not to mention it looks downright stunning, especially the AMGs. We want to provide you with all the information available but do not let that steer you away from an awesome experience with your Mercedes.

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