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BMW F10 5 series (2010 – 2017) – Buyers guide



The BMW F10 5 series is now almost two years out of productions and it’s been 9 years since it was first announced. The 5 series is still one of the most popular premium sport orientated luxury sedans. This makes it very attractive for second-hand buyers. It still looks insanely good and it drives the same as it looks, great. Here is the verdict on all its problems and recalls. This is based on our analysis of owners forums and BMW official announcements.

Major faults

  • The older N47 diesel engines have problems with the camshaft tensioners and chain. The problem is first identifiable by a ringing noise from the engine. If the problem is ignored it can lead to serious engine damage. The same problem is present in the BMW F30.
  • 2.0 diesel engines experienced an intrusion of diesel fuel into the engine oil through the DPF filter. This happened during the DPF regeneration cycle. It happened mostly with BMW F10’s that were driven only in cities and the DPF regeneration was not possible because of low RPM.
bmw f10 interior

Other and minor faults

  • A large number of owners report heavy wear of front tires.
  • Many owners report damage to the climate control condenser due to road exposure. The condenser is exposed to rocks and pebbles.
  • Early 2010-2011 models are prone to steering system problems, causing the car to pull on one side of the road. Owners also reported strange noises when rotating the steering wheel.
  • Some petrol-powered F10’s experienced sudden loss of power and engine failure warning signals appearing. This was due to a fault on the high-pressure fuel pump.

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Body and interior problems

  • Early model wagon versions BMW F10 experienced early rear air suspension failure. The rear suspension needed replacing before reaching 60 000 miles.
  • Many owners with chrome trims report unusual wear and chipping of chrome parts.
  • There is a problem with quick wear of interior and dashboard buttons.
  • Owners report bad quality of trunk lining.
bmw 5 series f10

Electronic problems

  • Earlier models are experiencing light module problems. Most of the time replacing is necessary. The problem occurs due to corrosion.
  • Many owners report rear reverse camera failures.
  • Owners report the remote key functions not working during hot weather.
  • Due to high energy consumption, while the car is locked and turned off, many owners complain of quickly drained batteries.
  • A large number of owners complain about the slow responsiveness of the gas pedal.
  • Some owners are complaining about constant iDrive system problems and other multimedia features not working properly.
bmw f10 back view

Official recalls

  • 27th of April 2012. Recall because of a fault on the coolant pump.
  • 26th of September 2012. Recall because of engine problems (only for M5). For cars made between July 2012 and October of 2012.
  • 20th of December 2013. Recall because of problems on the towing hitch. For cars made between June 2013 and November of 2013.
  • 28th of July 2015. Recall because of potential problems with the VANOS system. For cars made until December of 2011.

Our recommendation

When it comes to big luxury sedans there will always be some problems. These are big cars with plenty of components that are bound to fail as the car ages. The BMW F10 is actually a really reliable and well put together car compared to the Audi A6 that is his main German competitor. We would advise you to avoid the dreaded N47 and go for the later models that have most of the early problems solved by the factory. Do check our used car buying guide before coming to a decision.

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